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    Real Estate Owned!

    Short Sales Don't Have To Be A Nightmare. Our Proven System Has Helped Thousands. Apply for a moving incentive of 10,000 or more!
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    Risk Management

    All asset managers look for one thing; securing the right contacts, establishing reasonable values for work completion and more. Our staff works with all types of organizations from institutional banks to small to mid-size banks and understand that everyone has their own separate thresholds for risk management. We bring the, but no limited to, staff, tools, and analyst working for you locally in the trenches communicating only what matters most.

    Disposition Of Assets

    No lender wants to own a portfolio of homes. Whether it is a bulk liquidation exit strategy or more of a trickle method the disposition of homes is a time consuming process and yields poor results if not done correctly. Our Asset Managers only work with our agent network that expands beyond brokerages. We bring you the experts, stats, strategies, and information it takes for you to make the right decisions.

    Phone Contact

    24 hour phone concierge. Our staff wants to make sure that we are always available and when a particular asset manager is indisposed their entire team is reached out to until someone picks up. For those times when you need a response it’s crucial you hear back in a timely manner. Our staff takes communication and makes it a science.


    When managing with volume disposition of foreclosed assets knowing what to do is almost as important to have the funds to do it. Whether it’s maintaining the grass, securing a pool, or dealing with local ordinances our goal is to keep you informed with the details that matter most in real time.

    Upkeep Professionals

    Knowing the right staff and dealing with the right people means fewer headaches and less liabilities. Hedge your bets with our local partnerships that keep your costs down on everything from upkeep to maintenance.

    Real Time Stats

    Technology may be one of the biggest assets that bringing LUX to the table will bring to you. We understand that having up to the minute data allows you to make the decisions that bring results. We make sure that as technology advances so do you.

    Highest Returns

    Technology is the key to our success. We work the systems in place to get the best results. When a tool doesn’t exist we make it. When a problem arises we analyze all the measurable variables to end with a common denominator which is “success”. Time is money and it’s not just an old adage. We live to lead the industry always being on the cutting edge and head with juggernaut force to achieve the desired goals of our clients.

    Health and Safety

    Keeping up with legal regulations and local ordinances is near impossible. The only way to take advantage is through a network of legal analyst reviewing laws state by state and county by count.

    That’s where our staff steps in. We’re your one stop shop as our Chief Legal Office can manage attorneys and paralegals through our ready and established network which you are then plugged into.

    Listing Right

    AVMs, along with other automated valuation platforms, lack common sense and the ability to differentiate between neighborhoods. Outliers, one offs, and complicated transactions need to be in the hands of a true professional. Listing too high can keep you on the market too long. Listing too low can keep you from reaching your portfolio’s goals. The team at LUX Realty is here to support your need for infiltrating your property’s local markets.

    Emergency Team

    Selling portfolios is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We find that in an batch there are going to be those problem that arise. Plumbing, Flooring, Roofing, Fire Damage and more, our nationwide team has the right people in place to handle any emergency. We all know that an emergency fix can cost due to only the fact that it is on short notice. Having a regularly staffed team means lower costs, faster turnaround time frames, and better workmanship. This all increases your capture rate and increases your bottom line by percentages you didn’t even know you had.