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Buy With Confidence

LUX offers a higher level of control over your transaction and creates a simplified experience. We make sure you get the best home for the price.

Fast and Hassle Free

LUX can predict with accuracy. Minimize Liabilities; Leverage Experience. A skill that comes from committing, observing & preparing for anything.

Buy with Budget Range™

Our system keeps you on budget with Budget Range™. LUX digs deep so you don’t miss out on opportunities you should have known about.

Save Big With LUX

LUX knows that buying a home is more than finding a cheap home. Our in-depth knowledge in real estate investing gets you shopping like a pro.

Hire Skill. Hire Experience.  We Are Your Estate Agency.

Couple Of Words From Our Valued Client

“I could work with anyone but I choose to work with work LUX. Lyonel has helped me, my family members and the LUX team offers exactly what I was looking for. Efficient, Smart, and understanding market demand. I couldn’t ask for better representation. ”

Bryan M.

“LUX team is very attentive and helpful! They got our requirements and budget range, and you won’t believe they brought us a number of options to choose from within no time. We just selected our desired home and they took care of all the other details. They are awesome whatever they do!”


“We have an amazing home buying experience with LUX. Their knowledge and skills are very helpful in finding good deals. They have a great command on industry trends, chart of property value and economics. If you are looking for buying a home, you must contact them, they are amazing.”


LUX. A Different Type Of Experience

LUX is a boutique brokerage that offers you an unprecedented level of experience and control. A make up of sophisticated negotiators, investors, legal and lending, clearly, we’re not your average brokerage. With in-house brokers and a huge network of real estate agents nationwide no matter where you are we’ve got your back. How do you know you’ve asked all the right questions? With LUX you know you have.

Backed by the industries most knowledgeable professionals, our skills & experience enable us to tap in to more options for your home buying experience. Budget Range™ is our industry leading secret to helping you maximize your buying power. Our financing background lets us blend your ability to pay with the home prices in your vision to help you accomplish your goals while obtaining all your needs.

With more than a decade in the real estate industry, negotiating, and investing experience we keep the process hassle free for you!

Why Buy With LUX?

Increase Your Acceptances

LUX has more than a decade of experience and understands the toughest scenarios. Presenting your offer in the right light can make all the difference. By using our network resources we increase your odds for acceptance.

Save Thousands

There are dozens of points in any transaction where having the correct filters in place can save you thousands; Both long term and short term. All these services and only the cost of a standard brokerage when you buy a home with LUX.

We Care About Your Privacy

With LUX “discrete” is your middle name. We understand how important this is for high profile clients. Private showings, complete access, and more. There isn’t anyone that doesn’t want to limit their unnecessary exposure. Only we contact you directly.

Your Home. Your Castle. We Are Your Estate Agency.