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Commercial Real Estate Acquisition



LUX Realty’s Commercial Real Estate offers world class services; here and abroad. Our Acquisitions Team concentrates on acquiring value-added commercial real estate with additional development opportunities. LUX leverages its relationships and reputation with a network of commercial acquisition brokers, title companies, financial institutes, investors and business owners creating a great opportunity for a smooth deal flow, successful execution and better outcomes for all parties. LUX Realty is wherever you are. It takes a brokerage with the background, experience and tireless set of resources to locate potential opportunities for your commercial real estate acquisition needs; We are that brokerage.

Our Real Estate Acquisition Strategy

LUX is a leader in real property acquisitions. In any industry it’s about who you know and we get you the exclusive. Our team focuses on relationship development. Not just with other brokers, but industry leaders, investors, lenders and more importantly the influential. Our corporate strategy is to help our clients grow their portfolios not ending with the acquisition period, but background in Property Management, Maintenance, and Repairs. LUX’s acquisition team has experience in turning around distressed real estate, helping our clients create excellent returns and take an even greater market share.

Why LUX Commercial?

Service To Success

In an ever growing global marketplace LUX advisors not only bring a caliber of service second to none but they can make all difference between a successful deal and lost opportunity.


LUX has a network compromised of thousands of dedicated individuals, all with just one thing in mind: producing the best possible results for you or your company.

Distressed Assets

LUX is a leader in the distressed asset markets. Being at the right place at the the right time only happens when you are consistently in the loop of this specialized area.

Real Estate Acquisition On A Whole Different Level

Couple Of Words From Our Valued Clients

“LUX team is very attentive and helpful! They got our requirements and budget range, and you won’t believe they brought us a number of options to choose from within no time. We just selected our desired home and they took care of all the other details. They are awesome whatever they do!”


“We have an amazing home buying experience with LUX. Their knowledge and skills are very helpful in finding good deals. They have a great command on industry trends, chart of property value and economics. If you are looking for buying a home, you must contact them, they are amazing.”


LUX Commercial Real Estate Acquisition Criteria

LUX has set standards higher than the average brokerage. We work with our clients to acquire properties nearest to the community center, situated in established or evolving areas, and cover socially diverse neighborhoods. LUX establishes what our client’s needs are well before so we can begin to fulfill their acquisition requirements. We look for income generating, community oriented retail and mixed-use properties with consistent potential. LUX Realty has an extensive experience in the commercial real estate acquisition. Our dedicate team has intimate market knowledge, financial analytical reviews, and expert negotiating skills throughout the complex processes of successfully closing on your next investment transaction.

Why Buy a Home With LUX?

Best Acquisition Offers

At LUX we have got more than a decade experience of commercial real estate acquisition and have a great network of real estate agents. By using our network resources we bring better acquisition deals.

Quick Acquisition Process

Having a reputation with financial institutes, brokers, real estate agents, title companies and strong network of real estate investors, we make commercial real estate acquisition process quick and easy.

We Care About Your Privacy

We respect your privacy and do NOT use this information for any other purpose other than to contact you directly in the rare event that we have further questions for you during the process of real estate acquisition.

 Acquire Real Estate With Lucrative Opportunities