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About LUX Realty

About LUX Realty

There are only so many opportunities that come across your path in a lifetime. Working in volume with both the acquisition markets as well as having a strong handle on the disposition of portfolios LUX Realty takes you international and beyond.



With decades of combined experience in real estate and a team of business people and attorneys, LUX Realty has the knowledge to help its Clients with purchases, sales, negotiations, and tough real estate issues. Each of the LUX Realty members has a proven track record in real estate and is dedicated to helping you with your transaction.


Opportunity Growth

LUX Realty takes your opportunities into hyperdrive. We work with hundreds of agents nationwide, from hundreds of different brokerages, and put our network to work for you as opposed to those who are limited to only working with their line of brokerages.

The LUX Realty Team

Rodolfo Anaya, Managing Broker (CalBRE License#: 00866330 – NMLS ID: 254609)

Rodolfo Anaya has been in real estate for over 35 years. His experience in real property as well as in lending, brings a vast experience during the past decades of changes in an always ever changing market. What sets Rodolfo apart is his knowledge and his ability to lead with the Client’s well being at the heart of every action.

Michael Parker, Associate Broker (CalBRE License#: 01754914)

Michael Parker is a practicing litigator who has received millions of dollars in judgments representing his Clients. Michael has also been licensed by the California Department of Real Estate for almost a decade. At LUX Realty Michael has worked on short sales and other real estate transactions. Michael has litigated cases in every court in Los Angeles County and also in the Central District of California (Federal Court). He has experience in business litigation, bankruptcy, landlord-tenant issues, real estate contracts, and real estate related protective orders.

Brett Goldsmith, Associate Broker (CalBRE License#: 019030422)

Brett has a deep understanding of real estate and the pieces that make it move. He is extremely knowledgeable in working with homeowners in all types of transactions. He was worked with many distressed situations and has helped many people avoid foreclosure. He has experience unlike anyone else completing short sales and dealing with difficult situations.

Alexandra Jallabert, Licensed Agent (CalBRE License#:02045822)

At LUX Realty, one thing we strive for is excellence. We want to serve every Client with the best services possible. Alexandra has extensive experience with real estate and loves helping homeowners who are looking for the right person to help them through the process.

Lyonel Katz, Licensed Agent (CalBRE License#:01930421)

Lyonel brings significant sales experience and a high business acumen to LUX Realty. His marketing skills were tested and refined over years as he helped turn a real estate services business from a small company into a successful real estate enterprise. He’s worked together with the Agents in the top 1% of production and now carries the expertise to serve his Clients. Lyonel is tied directly into both a national network of brokers and specifically into the key players of the highly competitive Los Angeles real estate market.